Let’s Go Yogurt

Cryo Yogurt is on its way

“Let’s Go Yogurt” has created its own Yogurt Category:

  • A revolutionary new cryo-dried probiotic yogurt that needs no refrigeration at all.
  • Let’s Go Yogurt is totally shelf-stable and delivers the rich, creamy experience of real yogurt – because it is a real yogurt product.
  • “Let’s Go Yogurt” requires no refrigeration
  • Proprietary cryo-drying process used to create Let’s Go Yogurt results in Small DOTS of yogurt that offer a rich and creamy flavor that melts in your mouth
  • Easily delivered in nations without a cold chain distribution system (Africa, China)

Deliver Nutrition to rural regions with No need for refrigeration, Cryo Yogurt will help the world:

  • Yogurt generally requires refrigeration, and or has a relatively short shelf life.  Our pro biotic cryo yogurt    ( Let’s Go Yogurt) provides the many benefits of yogurt, without the required refrigeration.  Portability and shelf life are unlimited and the addition of probiotics provides an even greater health benefit. This product can be consumed anywhere in the world, including locations where traditional dairy products are challenged by refrigeration and distribution issues.
  • Let’s Go Yogurt Technology, trade secrets and formulation have provided the method to meet the user’s needs and overcome the challenges of traditional yogurt. The production line is capable of producing pelletized ice cream as well.  Two innovative products.
  • Probiotic cryo yogurt can be sold in retail packages, in various sizes. It can be bulk delivered, and also be used in conjunction with other snack items.  The product can be used to provide needed dairy nutrition in parts of the world or in circumstances where it would otherwise be prohibitive.  In developed markets probiotic cryo yogurt is a nutritious snack offering that can be enjoyed any time, or anywhere. Let’s Go Yogurt makes yogurt a portable healthy snack that be enjoyed almost anywhere, and definitely not limited to refrigeration or cold chain.